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  • startup | 2 days ago
  • Top 5 New WhatsApp Features That Will Be of Help

    WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app in Zimbabwe, has recently introduced some new features...

  • startup | 2 months ago
  • Empowering Kenyan Startups: The Path to Economic Growth and Youth Employment

    Kеnya's еntrеprеnеurial landscapе is sеt to witnеss a transformativе boost as thе ant...

  • startup | 3 months ago
  • My Experience with Starlink: A Glimpse of Hope for Zimbabwe's Internet Woes

    As a developer and tech blogger based in Zimbabwe, where slow speeds and unreliable internet ha...

  • startup | 3 months ago
  • African Startups Join Googlе for Startups Accеlеrator: AI First Program for Global Scaling

    In an еxciting dеvеlopmеnt for African startups, Googlе for Startups has launched thе Acc...

  • startup | 5 months ago
  • Allos Launches Comprehensive AI-Powered Insurance Product Suite to Transform Zimbabwe's Insurance Industry

    Allos, a new insurtech startup in the country, introduced a comprehensive collection of AI-driv...

  • startup | 5 months ago
  • Natsuite Erp: A Smart Solution Built For African Businesses

    NatSuite, an innovative provider of cloud-based ERP solutions, today announced the availability...

  • startup | 5 months ago
  • Delito Launches Affordable CRM for African Businesses

    Delito, a Zimbabwean company, launched its customer relationship management (CRM) solution toda...

  • startup | 5 months ago
  • Hertia launches property management platform to disrupt real estate industry

    Hertia, a local prop-tech startup, has launched its property management software.Currently, the...

  • startup | 6 months ago
  • Zim Startup List: Celebrating Zimbabwe's Best Startups

    Kanva Media, a Zimbabwe-based market research and intelligence organization, has released Zim S...

  • startup | 6 months ago
  • The Future is Here: AfricAi's DanAi Chatbot Set to Revolutionize Daily Life in Africa

    Technology has always held the promise of changing people's lives in Africa, but high costs and...

  • startup | 6 months ago
  • Wiremit Money Transfer Launches Fast and Affordable Remittance Services

    Zimbabweans' ability to remit money domestically is about to change thanks to Wiremit Money Tra...

  • startup | 7 months ago
  • Empowering African Tech Founders to Embrace their Brilliance

    Imposter syndrome is a widespread issue among people in a variety of fields, particularly the t...

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