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  • industry | 1 month ago
  • Glimpse at Africa’s Digital Potential - EFT Banking On The Future Conference

    The inaugural ‘Banking on the Future’ conference, hosted by EFT Corporation, brought togeth...

  • industry | 2 months ago
  • Exciting Development: Victoria Falls Stock Exchange Partners with VCG Markets to Launch CFDs

    The Victoria Falls Stock Exchange (VFEX) has formed a strategic partnership with Mauritian brok...

  • industry | 2 months ago
  • CatalyzU's Launches How To Startup Fellowship Program

    A new fellowship program has been launched in Africa to empower entrepreneurs and equip them wi...

  • industry | 2 months ago
  • EFT Corporation Conference: Banking on the Future Event

    Africa's banking sector is undergoing a remarkable transformation, driven by the continent's ra...

  • industry | 2 months ago
  • South Africa's Economy Takes Strides in Regulating Crypto Currency with 59 Licences Approval

    South Africa's Financial Conduct Regulator's Approval of Crypto Licences. South Africa's financ...

  • industry | 3 months ago
  • Unveiling the AI Revolution: Meta, OpenAI, and the Race for AGI Supremacy

    In the exciting world of artificial intelligence, two prominent players, Meta and OpenAI, are e...

  • industry | 3 months ago
  • Unleash Your Inner Movie Tech Guru: 4 Websites to Fake It Till You Hack It!

    When I reflect on my early inspirations and interactions with the world of tech, it's impossibl...

  • industry | 4 months ago
  • The Curious Case of Econet ZWL Airtime

    I recently encountered a puzzling situation when attempting to purchase Econet ZWL airtime. Des...

  • industry | 4 months ago
  • Econet Data Recharge Service Down for Over 24 Hours

    Econet Wireless customers across Zimbabwe have been left without a way to purchase mobile data ...

  • industry | 4 months ago
  • No you are not Hacked - Facebook Service Down

    Millions of Facebook users experienced a sudden and unexpected log out from the platform, leadi...

  • industry | 4 months ago
  • Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe Launches Incubation Programme for Young Entrepreneurs

    Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe has recently announced the launch of the Rise Above Incubation Programme,...

  • industry | 5 months ago
  • Econet Introduces Unlimited Data Plans: My Thoughts on Econet's Unlimited Data Plans

    Living in Zimbabwe, where mobile data is a lifeline to the internet, has been a tale of ups and...

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