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  • techdive | 1 hour ago
  • Telecel Website Offline: A Shadow of its Former Glory

    In the world of Zimbabwe's telecommunications industry, one company that has experienced a tumu...

  • techdive | 13 hours ago
  • The End of GBWhatsApp? Official App Adds Sought-After Privacy Features

    As a former user of YoWhatsApp, I must admit that the recent updates introduced by the official...

  • techdive | 1 week ago
  • Utande LTE Internet Review: The 5Mbps Unlimited Package

    In today's world a stable and fast internet connection is paramount for daily activities. Over ...

  • techdive | 2 months ago
  • How to make online payments for Netflix and Spotify in Zimbabwe using EcoCash Virtual Mastercard

    In Zimbabwe, the Ecocash Virtual Mastercard provided by Econet has made the process of making o...

  • techdive | 6 months ago
  • Nigeria Appoints Tech Innovator as Communications Minister

    Nigeria has taken a forward-thinking decision by naming Bosun Tijani as the new Minister of Com...

  • techdive | 6 months ago
  • 7 times the "world's most powerful cyberweapon" has been spotted in Africa

    For lovers of Greek mythology Pegasus is simply an immortal, good-natured and helpful mythical ...

  • techdive | 7 months ago
  • Ecocash announces new ZWL transaction limits

    Ecocash, Zimbabwe's major mobile money service provider, has alerted its clients via SMS that n...

  • techdive | 7 months ago
  • Google Messages and RCS - The Key to Sending Free SMS Messages

    If you use Google Messages as your primary messaging app on Android, you may have been sending ...

  • techdive | 7 months ago
  • How China's Transsion thought globally but acted locally to conquers Africa's smartphone market

    Most of the people reading this have probably never heard the names Transsion Holdings or it’...

  • techdive | 7 months ago
  • Securing Your Web Applications: Tips and Techniques for Web Security in Zimbabwe

    Organizations operating in Zimbabwe need to give web security top priority. In order to secure ...

  • techdive | 7 months ago
  • Creating a Chatbot with Natural Language Processing: A Practical Guide

    Chatbots have become increasingly popular in recent years and with good reason. They provide an...

  • techdive | 7 months ago
  • How Government led innovation can lead to long term growth

    Whenever we speak about innovation and development government is largely viewed as a stumbling ...

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