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    Starlink is a groundbreaking satellite internet constellation developed by SpaceX, offering high-speed internet access to even the most remote areas of Zimbabwe. With a network of thousands of small satellites orbiting the Earth, Starlink aims to bridge the digital divide by providing reliable and affordable internet connectivity. This technology holds great potential for Zimbabwe, where access to broadband infrastructure is limited in many rural regions. Starlink's satellite internet service can empower Zimbabweans with improved educational opportunities, enhanced communication, and increased access to online resources, ultimately contributing to economic growth and social development throughout the country.

  • techdive | 4 hours ago
  • Starlink Mini Now Available in Rwanda for USD200

    In a groundbreaking development that promises to revolutionize the internet landscape in Africa...

  • techdive | 3 weeks ago
  • Liquid (ZOL) Launches New USD Uncapped Bundles

    In a move to address customer concerns and expand its market presence, Liquid Home, has unveile...

  • techdive | 1 month ago
  • Breaking News: Starlink Finally Approved in Zimbabwe

    After what felt like an eternity of waiting, Elon Musk's revolutionary Starlink satellite inter...

  • techdive | 2 months ago
  • Starlink Terminals Still Operational Despite Earlier Closure Announcement

    In April, Starlink issued emails warning that it would be shutting down terminals in countries ...

  • techdive | 2 months ago
  • Starlink Applies for Licensing in Zimbabwe

    Starlink, the satellite internet service provided by SpaceX, has made a significant move by app...

  • techdive | 3 months ago
  • Starlink Sets April 30th as Cut Off Date for Zimbabwean Users

    Zimbabwean users of Starlink, the satellite internet service, have received a follow-up email s...

  • techdive | 3 months ago
  • Why POTRAZ Can't Self-Disable Starlink Terminals

    The ongoing regulatory issue between Starlink, the satellite internet division of SpaceX, and t...

  • techdive | 3 months ago
  • Starlink Directed to Disable Internet in Zimbabwe by POTRAZ

    Starlink, the satellite internet division of SpaceX led by Elon Musk, has encountered a roadblo...

  • emerging | 4 months ago
  • Starlink: The Heroic Solution to Zimbabwe's Internet Struggles

    As a Zimbabwean, I have personally experienced the frustrations of dealing with poor internet s...

  • startup | 8 months ago
  • My Experience with Starlink: A Glimpse of Hope for Zimbabwe's Internet Woes

    As a developer and tech blogger based in Zimbabwe, where slow speeds and unreliable internet ha...

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