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  • techdive | 2 days ago
  • WhatsApp Gets Inbuilt Artifical Intelligence

    In an exciting development, Meta has introduced its latest artificial intelligence offering, Me...

  • techdive | 5 days ago
  • Starlink Sets April 30th as Cut Off Date for Zimbabwean Users

    Zimbabwean users of Starlink, the satellite internet service, have received a follow-up email s...

  • techdive | 1 week ago
  • Why POTRAZ Can't Self-Disable Starlink Terminals

    The ongoing regulatory issue between Starlink, the satellite internet division of SpaceX, and t...

  • techdive | 1 week ago
  • Starlink Directed to Disable Internet in Zimbabwe by POTRAZ

    Starlink, the satellite internet division of SpaceX led by Elon Musk, has encountered a roadblo...

  • techdive | 1 week ago
  • The Tales Of ZiG (II): A Shaky Rollout

    It has been a week since the introduction of ZiG, Zimbabwe's new currency, and the rollout hasn...

  • industry | 1 week ago
  • Unveiling the AI Revolution: Meta, OpenAI, and the Race for AGI Supremacy

    In the exciting world of artificial intelligence, two prominent players, Meta and OpenAI, are e...

  • industry | 1 week ago
  • Unleash Your Inner Movie Tech Guru: 4 Websites to Fake It Till You Hack It!

    When I reflect on my early inspirations and interactions with the world of tech, it's impossibl...

  • techdive | 1 week ago
  • Google Implements VAT on Digital Services in Zimbabwe

    Google has recently made an announcement that might not sit well with Zimbabwean customers. Sta...

  • techdive | 2 weeks ago
  • ZiG USD Calculator: Simplifying Currency Conversions in Zimbabwe

    In a groundbreaking move, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has introduced a new currency called ZiG...

  • techdive | 2 weeks ago
  • The Tales Of ZiG: Zimbabwe New Currency

    In a historic move on April 5th, Zimbabwe introduced a new currency called the ZiG, which stand...

  • techdive | 2 weeks ago
  • ChatGPT no longer requires an account to access it

    OpenAI's recent announcement brings exciting news to ChatGPT users. The AI platform, ChatGPT, n...

  • startup | 3 weeks ago
  • BICs - Potential and Ethical Concerns

    Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) have long captured our attention in science fiction. From the ...

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