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  • Delito Launches Affordable CRM for African Businesses

    Delito Launches Affordable CRM for African Businesses
  • Njabulo Sandawana
  • Staff Writer
  • posted 5 months ago
  • Delito, a Zimbabwean company, launched its customer relationship management (CRM) solution today. Delito was founded to meet the need for a low-cost, user-friendly CRM designed specifically for African enterprises. The software combines online and offline channels into one picture, allowing teams to monitor all customer interactions across many touchpoints.

    Delito's key features include:
    1. Lead, customer, and partner contact management
    2. Workflows for tasks, emails, and campaign monitoring have been streamlined.
    3. Tickets, supports, subscriptions, contracts 
    4. Visibility of the sales pipeline and opportunity/deal management
    5. Reports and dashboards that can be customized
    6. Data collection while offline using a mobile app

    "We built Delito because most CRM solutions on the market are either too expensive or too complex for small African businesses," said Divine Manyunga, Delito's Sales & marketing manager. "We offer a simple, all-in-one solution to help businesses better understand their customers regardless of how they engage." Delito has three pricing categories, beginning at $20 per month. The platform is easily accessible from any device.

    The startup aspires to be the CRM of choice for African SMBs looking for a cost-effective method to centralize client communications and increase business productivity.

    For more information: https://delito.net/landing

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