Do you really need a web designer?

There are many ways to get your business online these days. Therefore, it is worth taking some time to reflect before you seek the services of a web designer. You need to ask yourself if you do really need a web designer.

Web design is used in many cases to refer to web development in general. I shall therefore adopt the phrase ‘web design’ in this article. In actual fact, web design is only a part of the whole web development process.

What web designers do

Web designers are experts who dedicate their time to the design process of websites. Front-end developers make websites dynamic while backend developers connect websites to databases so that you can have a newsletter subscription, or enable login and registration or even set up an e-commerce shop. I shall use ‘web designer’ to refer to a person who can do any of the above jobs.

Available ways of getting a website

Nowadays there are a lot of ready-made templates which you can download for free and upload to your website. Free website templates have attribution in the footer which usually tells visitors that it is a free template. This is a drawback if you want to create a professional-looking website. There is a simple fix though which is paying the developer of the template a few dollars to have the attribution removed.

Instead of scouring the internet to find web templates to buy or download, you can simply go straight to your web hosting portal and use a website builder if they have one. Website builders are popular and you can choose a website hosting service with one. It does not cost you any extra money. Your hosting fee covers everything including the website builder too.

The advantage of website builders or templates is that they are easy to customize. You can get your website online in a few minutes. There is usually a support team which is ready to assist when you experience challenges. Web pages created using website builders or templates are mobile-friendly and offer a good user experience.

You can do without a web designer

Most individuals and small businesses can do without a web designer. The challenge with employing the services of a web designer is that they might do a shoddy job which can hurt your website’s performance. If that happens you will be destined for failure.

Website development is usually perfect when done by a team of experts. Therefore if you decide to go for the customized website route, make sure you pay a company to do that for you. There are also individuals who can manage all aspects of development. These are full-stack web developers. You can have them design your website if you trust them. To avoid being duped, you should ask for their portfolios. Check their recent work. If it is not up to par you will be better off with a website builder.

Hire a web designer

If you have an online business which requires that you update your content frequently and which generates income through the website then you definitely need to hire a web designer. This is because a web designer can help you with search engine optimization which is an ongoing process. Sometimes you may have to employ a web designer permanently.

If you choose to hire a web designer, it is their job to decide whether to create the website from scratch or to use ready-made templates. They can opt to use a content management system like WordPress. The purpose of the web designer is to help with the setup as there are some settings which require a tech-savvy person to complete quickly without wasting time.

An ethical web designer will not charge you a lot of money to set up your website template. The task is not as taxing as building a site from scratch. If you are quoted exorbitant prices for a website then you consider other means of getting a website. Sometimes you can do without a web designer.