Tips for buying an Intel Processor

Intel offers numerous CPUs, from Celeron to Xenon. Which one meets your requirements and how do you know you are getting the latest Technology when buying an Intel processor?

Some facts about Intel CPUs

Did you know that an Intel Core i3 processor is actually a dual-core processor? Many people are confused by the name ‘core i3’ and think that it has three cores. Rule number one when buying an Intel processor is that the name of the CPU has nothing to do with the number of cores. It is just a naming convention.


Intel has been producing CPUs with the same names for years now and therefore, how can one tell if the processor they are buying is the latest one? The answer is that you should inquire about the generation of the processor. Be aware that if you want to upgrade or replace your CPU then you need to buy a processor compatible with your existing hardware and not just any processor.


As alluded to earlier, the number in the name of an Intel processor does not represent the number of cores. When you do find the actual number of cores you should also be cognizant to the fact that processors with the same number of cores might actually perform differently depending on whether they use multithreading.

CPU Socket

When choosing a desktop processor you should also take note of the CPU socket type as this also changes periodically. Again, if you want to upgrade your computer you can only do so with compatible hardware which means that you can not expect a CPU using the latest socket to fit into an old socket. LGA 1151 is currently the latest desktop CPU socket for Intel CPUs.

Building your own desktop computer?

If you are going to build your own desktop computer and do not know where to start, my advice is that go for a motherboard with the latest CPU socket. Then buy a CPU compatible with the socket on the mobo. The rest of the components will follow the same protocol of first checking compatibility. I hope this guide has been helpful in allaying any fears you might have of using outdated technology on your computer.


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