The Operating System of the Future

The ban on Huawei from using Google Mobile Services (GMS) has led Huawei to develop its own operating system. Harmony OS is the name of the software. Huawei envisions an operating system which works on a variety of devices like smartwatches, smart televisions and mobile phones. This development has caused a lot of excitement among technology enthusiasts. Is Harmony OS the operating system of the future?

The operating system of the future must be able to run on different types of devices. Harmony OS seems to be the real deal until you compare it with Fuchsia. Google’s own operating system, Fuchsia, is currently under development. Most of the groundwork has been done.

We expect Harmony OS to launch on many devices in early 2021. Google will most likely follow suit because there is a risk of losing users to a competitor.  This can only happen if Harmony OS proves to be better than Android. It shall be interesting to watch how the story unfolds. The contenders for the number one operating system will go head to head in a competition to take the largest market share. I personally put my money on Fuchsia, what do you think?

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