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    EcoCash is a revolutionary mobile money platform introduced by Econet Wireless in Zimbabwe. It has transformed the way financial transactions are conducted, offering a convenient, secure, and accessible solution for everyday banking needs. With EcoCash, Zimbabweans can easily send and receive money, pay bills, purchase airtime, and conduct various financial transactions using their mobile phones. The platform has played a vital role in promoting financial inclusion, especially in areas where traditional banking services are limited.

  • techdive | 1 month ago
  • Ecocash Launches Free Remittance Service from UK and South Africa

    EcoCash, Zimbabwe's leading mobile money platform, has made a major move to capture a larger sh...

  • techdive | 1 month ago
  • Virtual Mobile Money Cards: The Easiest Way to Make Online Payments in Zimbabwe

    In today's digital age, buying online and subscribing to streaming platforms such as Netflix, S...

  • techdive | 1 month ago
  • Omari Wallet: A Promising Competitor to EcoCash

    Last week, I received a call from a client who wanted to send me money through the Omari wallet...

  • techdive | 6 months ago
  • How to make online payments for Netflix and Spotify in Zimbabwe using EcoCash Virtual Mastercard

    In Zimbabwe, the Ecocash Virtual Mastercard provided by Econet has made the process of making o...

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