How to set up WordPress for the first time

WordPress sites are very easy to set up. All you need to do is edit the title and a few other information. However, there are some important changes that you should make before it is too late.

If you are a blogger you might want your home page to display your blog instead of a static page. If you are a business you definitely require a static page to display on your home page. You can also create pages to act as landing pages for future marketing purposes. The purpose of a blog is to drive traffic through content marketing.

For bloggers or for companies who are serious about their content marketing, there is a need to adjust the permalink settings. Change the settings to post name, the default is ‘day and name’ and this can affect your SEO. You can also create a custom URL structure using some suggested tags to make the process seamless.

The privacy page is already set up for you unlike on other platforms. You also have the option to edit the auto-generated privacy policy to suit your needs. If you already have a privacy policy somewhere online you have an option to paste the link.