Is Nivacity the best hosting company in Zimbabwe

A lot of website hosting companies are sprouting in Zimbabwe largely because of the ease of launching a hosting business. If you search about reseller web hosting you will find that starting a hosting company is easy and requires a few dollars. I have found a company which allows you to resell hosting at a fee of only twenty dollars a month!

Most of the web hosting companies which are emerging in Zimbabwe might be using different servers but definitely employ the same software to manage their clients. This can be clearly noticed from the similarity of the web interfaces. So what does it take to be the best hosting service provider?


The biggest factor in choosing a hosting package is the cost. A lot of people go for the provider offering the lowest price. Free hosting is sought after by many people and the good news is that there is a company offering that in Zimbabwe. The company is linked to Nivacity. So does that make Nivacity the best web hosting service provider? Pricing is not the only thing that people consider when choosing hosting. The number of features in a single package is another factor.


Hosting  companies have different packages for their customers. You simply choose the package which you can afford. Feature you need to look out for are the number of subdomains and  add on domains that you can create. You also have to look at the amount of disk space that you can get as well as the number of databases that you can create. From my research, there is none else offering  a lowest tier package which can beat Nivacity’s  CPanel starter package.  You can get 5GB of disk space, 10 MySQL databases, unlimited subdomains and one website.


I recently tried one of the cheapest hosting service which I shall not name. Their price was superb but their support was poor.  It took ages to get responses from them and that was frustrating. Nivacity has the most affordable prices and a professional support team. If we combine that with their feature laden web hosting packages, we can undoubtedly declare them the best web hosting company in Zimbabwe.