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  • Will AI destroy us? Understanding the myths and realities about artificial intelligence

    Will AI destroy us? Understanding the myths and realities about artificial intelligence
  • Njabulo Sandawana
  • Staff Writer
  • Posted Jun 06, 2023
  • Over the past few decades, worry about the ability and dangers of synthetic intelligence (AI) has elevated. Through technology fiction films and other kinds of famous media, we were uncovered to the idea that AI computers would one day upward push up towards us and capture management of our jobs, our authorities, and in the end our planet. It is simple to apprehend why the overall public can be frightened of this new technology with such plots.

    However, AI is neither a worldwide danger to society nor a way to each trouble we face. Understanding AI's potential and limitations is important for keeping apart fact from fiction and for making knowledgeable selections approximately its improvement and use.

    One of the most sizeable fallacies is the concept that AI technology will sooner or later come to be sentient and turn against humans, much like in the Hollywood movie "The Terminator." Even while AI algorithms are extra green at solving problems than humans, this does not mean that they may be loose to make selections without steerage from their programming. Without human intervention, AI programs can only make decisions that fall inner their programming. They are designed to perform a certain set of duties which are suitable for his or her framework.

    Another typical false impression is that AI will make all of our jobs out of date. AI will in all likelihood update a few conventional jobs, like administrative and manual hard work, however, it's going to also offer new, revolutionary activity opportunities. As AI generation advances, positive competencies like coding, upkeep, and invention can be wished.

    While there are concerns that the prosperous and effective could make use of AI to boom their money and preserve their electricity, this era additionally has the functionality to basically regulate society and improve absolutely everyone's excellent of life. It can level the gambling discipline by helping with the hunt for remedies for diseases, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing inequality through disposing of limitations to education and lowering inequality.

    In end, the belief that AI would exterminate humanity is surrounded via diverse myths and skewed truths. Actually, AI technology has a lot of capacity, however, it desires to be advanced, applied, and deployed nicely. We have to continue cautiously with AI and take all vital steps to make sure that it is created in a fair, obvious, and inclusive manner. The development of society via AI is handiest something we can be assured of. Let's consciousness on the advantageous aspects of AI technology and work to make it greater useful than unfavourable with the aid of turning it into a device for top.

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