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  • WhatsApp Rolls Out Four New Text Formatting Tools

    WhatsApp Rolls Out Four New Text Formatting Tools
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  • Posted Mar 21, 2024
  • WhatsApp has recently introduced four new text formatting options, aiming to help users communicate more effectively on the popular messaging platform. These new features include bulleted and numbered lists, block quotes, and inline code, enabling users to organize and emphasize their messages, making them easier to read and comprehend.

    While these formatting options were initially available to beta testers, they are now accessible to all WhatsApp users on Android, iOS, Web, and Mac, alongside support for Channels. If you haven't received the update, make sure to check for any available updates to enable these formatting features. These additions complement the existing formatting options - bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace, which were already available to all WhatsApp users.

    To utilize these new formatting options within your messages, you can follow the markdown-style syntax outlined below:

    Whatsapp Text Formatting

    Bulleted lists: To create bullet points for information such as shopping lists, simply begin your text with a "-" symbol followed by a space. Pressing the enter key will automatically create a new bullet point, and tapping the backspace key will conclude the bulleted list.

    Numbered lists: If you need to provide instructions or list items in a specific order, use the numbered list format. Start with the number "1" followed by a period and a space, such as "1. ". The list will not activate if any number other than one is used or if the sequence is interrupted by a non-numbered sentence.

    Block quotes: Users can now highlight and emphasize specific text within longer messages using the block quote format. Precede the text you wish to highlight with the ">" symbol followed by a space.

    Inline code: This format is particularly useful for developers or when emphasizing specific information within your text. Enclose the desired text with the "" symbol, `print hello world`, to apply the inline code format.

    These new features have several benefits, such as accurately displaying information. Code snippets, numbers, and quotes maintain their intended formatting, reducing confusion and ensuring correct interpretation. Additionally, these formatting options allow for emphasis and structure, enabling users to highlight important points and structure their messages logically, leading to clearer communication.

    WhatsApp's introduction of these new text formatting options enhances the overall user experience, providing more versatile communication tools within the platform.

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