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  • Threads: The New Twitter Rival from Meta – What You Need to Know

    Threads: The New Twitter Rival from Meta – What You Need to Know
  • Washington Mkombodzi
  • Staff Writer
  • posted 7 months ago
  • A text-based program called Threads, developed by Meta to rival Twitter, has launched and is accessible to users in more than 100 nations, including Zimbabwe. This software is positioned as the text-based equivalent to Meta's Instagram photo-sharing service.

    Despite some early problems, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, revealed that 70 million individuals had already downloaded the program. Popular personalities like Shadaya, Holyten, Enzo Ishall, and several others are among the notable users who have signed up for the platform.

    Users who want to get away from Twitter will find Threads to be an appealing alternative because it offers a new and distinct environment for real-time updates and open dialogues. 

    How Can I Use Threads?

    To use Threads, simply download the app from the Apple or Google Android app store, which is available in over 100 countries including Zimbabwe. Since Threads was created by the Instagram team, Instagram users can easily log into Threads through their Instagram account, and their username and verification status will be carried over. However, users also have the option to customize other aspects of their profile, such as whether or not they want to follow the same people they do on Instagram. 

    Users should be wary about cancelling their account because of the intimate connection between Threads and Instagram. Users may deactivate their accounts at any moment in accordance with Threads' privacy policies, but they must also delete their Instagram accounts in order to delete their Threads accounts.

    Can I Use Threads If I Don't Have An Instagram Account?

    The only people who can currently create a Threads account are those who have an Instagram account. You must first sign up for Instagram if you want to utilize Threads.

    Although there may be some criticism of this strategy, I think Meta made the right choice in integrating Threads with Instagram. Instagram users are becoming more and more interested in it as a result of receiving notifications when their followers sign up for Threads, which has increased the number of sign-ups. This is among the factors that helped Threads garner over 30 million users in the first seven hours of its introduction.

    In the long run, it will be crucial to maintain this pace and hold user attention after the initial phase of inquiry. The success or failure of Threads will ultimately depend on its long-term potential.

    How Is Threads Similar To Twitter?

    A microblogging experience very similar to Twitter is provided by Threads. Users can examine the number of likes and replies a post has received as well as repost, reply, or quote a topic. Unlike Twitter, where the character limit is 280, Threads allows users to post up to 500 characters, along with links, images, and videos that can last up to five minutes.

    Early comments from Mark Zuckerberg on Threads indicate that fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere will be essential for the app's success. He added that Twitter failed in this area and that they intend to approach things differently with Threads.

    Whats The Future For Threads?

    Threads' future is unclear, and success is not assured. A standalone Instagram messaging app named "Threads" that shut down less than two years after its 2019 launch is just one of many solo applications that Meta has previously released that were later discontinued.

    Given all the turmoil surrounding the site, it is evident that Threads is here to stay and could prove to be a powerful opponent to Twitter, even though the initial excitement may eventually fade. Instagram's aesthetics and Twitter-style functionality combined potentially increase user engagement.

    However, much will depend on user feedback as Threads is still in its early phases. The strong relationship between Instagram and Threads might not be appealing to everyone, and additional features will be crucial in determining its longevity.

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