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  • Liquid (ZOL) Launches New USD Uncapped Bundles

    Liquid (ZOL) Launches New USD Uncapped Bundles
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  • Posted Jun 25, 2024
  • In a move to address customer concerns and expand its market presence, Liquid Home, has unveiled a series of new uncapped promotional bundles. This initiative comes in response to criticism that the company previously restricted uncapped internet services to payments made in ZiG, excluding USD payments.

    Branded with the tagline "These packages are MA-AAD," the new bundles include a variety of Fiber and WiBronix plans designed to cater to different user needs and budgets. Here’s a breakdown of the available packages:

    FibroniX Infinity 99: 75Mbps at $99.00 per month.
    FibroniX Infinity 129: 100Mbps at $129.00 per month.
    FibroniX Infinity 169:  150Mbps at $169.00 per month.
    WiBroniX Infinity 89:  20Mbps at $89.00 per month.

    Liquid USD uncapped flyer

    Interestingly, these new USD prices are significantly cheaper compared to Liquid's current offerings in ZiG. Here are the existing uncapped packages in ZiG:

    FibroniX Family Entertainment - 100Mbps ZiG 3,054 (USD 210)
    FibroniX Modern Family - 150Mbps  ZiG 4,090 (USD 282)
    FibroniX Power Pack -  200Mbps: ZiG 5,978 (USD 412)

    The cost savings make a compelling case for Liquid's existing customers to switch to the USD bundles. This move by Liquid Home can also be seen as a response to the recent licensing of Starlink in Zimbabwe. Starlink is expected to offer unlimited internet packages with average speeds of 200Mbps for as low as $50, potentially setting a new benchmark for internet service pricing in the country.

    Liquid Home's new uncapped USD bundles represent a significant step towards more competitive internet pricing in Zimbabwe. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, it will be interesting to observe how other providers respond and whether this will trigger a broader shift towards more affordable, high-speed internet options for Zimbabweans.

    Only time will tell if these changes will be sufficient for Liquid Home to remain competitive against new entrants like Starlink. For now, Zimbabwean internet users have reason to celebrate this new development in the ongoing quest for faster, more affordable connectivity.

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