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  • Innbucks Introduces Unlimited Free Transactions for Just $1 a Month

    Innbucks Introduces Unlimited Free Transactions for Just $1 a Month
  • Washington Mkombodzi
  • Staff Writer
  • Posted Jun 17, 2024
  • The competition in Zimbabwe's mobile money market is intensifying, with players introducing new strategies to attract and retain customers. Leading the charge is Innbucks, which has announced a game-changing subscription model for its mobile money services.

    Under the new model, Innbucks users will pay a monthly fee of just $1 and enjoy unlimited transactions with no additional charges. This means no fees for sending money, making purchases, cash-in, or cash-out transactions. The only cost remaining is the government-mandated Intermediated Money Transfer Tax (IMMT), which is a 2% levy on money transfers.

    Previously, Innbucks charged a 1% fee, which coupled with the IMMT, amounted to a 3% charge. With the new subscription model, the 2% IMMT is the only charge left after the initial $1 monthly fee.

    innbuck kaone flyer

    This move by Innbucks offers a significant advantage for frequent users and those who transact amounts above $100. However, it's important to note that for smaller transactions below $100, the new model may not be as cost-effective. Prior to the introduction of the subscription model, transactions below $100 incurred fees less than $1. Therefore, for individuals who frequently engage in low-value transactions, it may not be economical.

    Another factor to consider is that the new subscription model operates on a monthly basis. If your first transaction occurs towards the end of the month, you will only benefit from the fee waiver for the remaining few days of that month. However, the peace of mind that comes with knowing that there are no additional fees after the initial $1 charge could be a compelling factor for many users.

    Innbucks has a monthly transaction limit of $1,000, meaning users can transact up to that amount per month. Reaching this limit means users have to wait until the new month to start transacting again. This government-imposed limit on mobile money transactions is a constraint that Innbucks and other providers hope will be increased soon to allow for larger transaction amounts. An increase in the limit could open up competition with banks, which typically charge higher fees for transfers, making mobile money platforms more attractive for larger transactions.

    Innbucks' strategy appears to be a direct response to Omarii, another mobile money platform that is currently running a limited-time promotion offering free transactions, with no fees or IMMT charges. While this promotion is set to end soon, it has undoubtedly caught the attention of mobile money users across the country.

    As the battle for supremacy in the Zimbabwean mobile money market continues to intensify, all eyes are now on Ecocash, the leading mobile money platform in the country, to see how they will respond to these recent developments. Competition is always healthy for customers, as it drives innovation and encourages service providers to offer the best deals and user experience. Zimbabweans can expect more innovative offerings from mobile money providers, making it an exciting time for the industry and consumers alike.

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