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  • Econet Network Suffers Call Service Disruption

    Econet Network Suffers Call Service Disruption
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  • Posted Mar 09, 2024
  • Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe's largest mobile network operator, is currently grappling with a significant outage affecting its call service. Customers have reported an inability to make outgoing calls, with their calls failing to connect or go through the network.

    This latest service disruption comes on the heels of a challenging week for Econet subscribers. Just a few days ago , the company's Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) system, which facilitates mobile banking and other value-added services, experienced a major fault. According to reports, the USSD issue was caused by a data center fault, which was resolved earlier today.

    However, no sooner had the USSD problem been addressed, Econet's call service encountered issues, leaving customers frustrated and unable to make outgoing calls. The outage appears to be widespread, affecting both prepaid and postpaid subscribers across various regions of the country.

    Econet has yet to issue an official statement addressing the call service outage. This lack of communication has further fueled frustration among subscribers, who have taken to social media platforms to voice their concerns and demand updates from the mobile network operator.

    Econet has historically prided itself on its network quality and reliability, but these recent incidents have raised questions about the company's ability to maintain consistent service delivery. Subscribers and industry watchers alike will be eagerly awaiting an official statement from Econet, detailing the cause of the call service outage and the steps being taken to rectify the situation.

    As the situation unfolds, we will continue to monitor developments and provide updates on the restoration of Econet's call service. In the meantime, subscribers can explore alternative means of communication such as whatsapp or consider temporarily switching to other mobile networks until the issue is resolved.

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