MXQ whirring sound fix

Recently my MXQ pro broke and I searched online for a fix and I could not find anything. The unit was producing a whirring sound which seemed to come from the led lights which also show the status of the TV box. Both red and blue lights were on but deem. No signal was on the TV screen.

Reset and Reboot failed

Rebooting is usually the first thing to try when fixing computer hardware and it did not work. I attempted resetting the unit through the reset button which is located at the end of the AV socket and it was, again, futile.

I suspected the power supply to be broken but since I did not have a replacement, I could prove that the power cable was broken. The next option was to look around in nearby shops for a replacement. I then visited several shops and the power cable for the MXQ pro was not available.


I decided to salvage parts from the broken cable and make a replacement. I noted that the power supply is a 5V 2A type which is an exact match with most phone chargers. I knew that there were high chances that the jack from the broken cable was still functional so I cut it off and I looked for a USB cable which I also cut into two. I then joined one half of the USB cable with the jack from my TV box.

The USB cable I found had four wires and I searched online about the wires. I got information that two of the wires are positive and negative while the other two are for data transfer. I only needed two wires to connect to my TV box. I tested with a bulb which only works with DC to find the correct wires. I then connected the wires to the jack and my MXQ pro box started working again.I was ecstatic.

I could not believe that I had finally fixed the unit. I almost gave up. It runs Android 7 and therefore I was already looking forward upgrading it to a Chromecast with Google TV or to a better box like Mi box. However, I wanted badly  to fix my MXQ pro as it is of sentimental value to me. I have put up this article as it might help others who are facing a similar issue.