New ICT Degrees available in Zimbabwe

Local universities in Zimbabwe offered either computer science, information systems or information technology degree programmes only in the past. Recently, we have seen a myriad of new degree programmes launch. What are some of those programmes and why avail them now?

Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) recently announced a new degree programme in e-commerce while the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) now offers degrees in computer networking as well as multimedia technology. Not to be outdone is the University of Zimbabwe which now has degrees in cybersecurity and other new programmes.

This trend of creating new courses in ICT has been necessitated by advancement in technology. Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning and a lot of other areas of information technology have developed exponentially in the past few years and are still growing. This means that there is now a huge demand, on the job market, for people with thorough knowledge of each field. Universities have stepped in to fill that gap by creating new programmes.

Availability of specialized programmes means that human capital managers have their work cut out when recruiting. If employers want a web developer or a graphic designer, they will simply ask for job applications from those with qualifications in multimedia technology instead of just anyone with a degree in IT. Likewise, when recruiters want an IT security professional they can advertise specifically a cybersecurity job.

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