Why you should participate in coding competitions


code on screen

Coding can be a sport just like playing pool or darts. You can do it as a pastime or even earn a living from participating in competitions. What are the requirements for one to be able to compete?

You need to be conservant with at least one programming language.
The main language that is used in coding competitions is C++. Some languages like C# and Java are also popular.
For a complete list of supported languages, you need to check the platform which hosts the competitions.

There are many websites which host coding competitions. The most common are Code Jam, Top Coder and Code Forces. Each platform has its own rules which you need to agree to on registration.

The main advantage of participating in coding competitions is that you gain a lot of experience in software development. You tend to appreciate certain software engineering principles more when you perform in coding sports.

Your understanding of software testing will grow and you can gain an in-depth knowledge of the importance of requirements engineering.

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