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Digital Entertainment on Demand- Review

Digital Entertainment On Demand(DEOD), is an online television service providing movie rental or subscription services. I paid for the take all DEOD premium daily package so that I could binge-watch movies for a day and here is my take on the service.

Telone provides this online television service and I should applaud them for that. DEOD is a platform which allows Zimbabweans to watch international and local content for free or after paying a fee in local currency.

The platform can be accessed in any web browser or through a mobile app. Ecocash is supported and payment is easy. The service is instantly activated upon payment. So far there are about eleven free channels which you can watch. These include Aljazeera, Russia Today, Africa news and DW as well as some gospel channels. The paid TV channels comprise of BBC, Bloomberg TV and several others.

One thing I like about DEOD is Zollywood. You can access a variety of locally produced films. However, they come as a separate package which needs a monthly subscription. This means you can not access local content with a premium package.

A sad thing to note is that even after you pay for the premium package you may still have to pay more in renting some selected movies. Some movies can cost you as much as $2.50 to rent. When we compare DEOD with Netflix you might find that the latter is cheaper overall as there are no extra charges once you subscribe.