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Should you ditch WhatsApp for Sasai?

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging service in the world. Even though there are a lot of enticing alternatives, many people have remained loyal to the platform. Now, with the advent of Sasai- a messaging service laden with cool features, are we going to see people migrating from WhatsApp to Sasai?

Sasai is an all-in-one app that you can use to send and receive money, pay bills as well as chat with friends and family. It is owned by Cassava Fintech.

What mainly sets WhatsApp apart from Sasai at the moment is Sasai Pay. In the meantime, one can only use Ecocash to make transactions. With Sasai 2.0 on the cards we expert the ability to link a variety of payments options. WhatsApp is currently testing its own payment solution and it has recently launched WhatsApp pay in India.

Sasai Pay is not the only feature you can have on Sasai. There are several other things you can do using Sasai like gaming and music streaming. You can also order services such as to hail a ride or call a plumber. Another great thing, according to Sasai, is a chance to make passive income while using the app.

With Sasai you can also make some money through our paying Ads integration. We’ve partnered with an international technology company that gives subscribers a chance to earn $$ for watching Ads on Sasai.

As seen above, WhatsApp and Sasai are two totally different platforms and therefore one can choose to have one or both. When it comes to messaging, there is no doubt that the former will remain the number one choice. The latter is feature-laden and with time it will continue to grow and have a large number of users globally. It poses no threat to any other instant messaging service as it is in a league of its own and therefore will not disrupt other social media platforms which came before it.

How to gain Twitter followers quickly

If you have tried any other method and you failed then this can be your last resort. Follow the strategy below.

Step 1

Make sure your description is on point. Choose a niche for example instead of saying you love photography you can tell people exactly what type of photography you like for example macro photography or portrait. If you are a programmer you have to let people know which programming language you mainly use for example JavaScript. If you are a writer you might want your followers to know whether you write fiction or romance etc “,

Step 2

Follow as many people as you can and write as many tweets as you can daily, but ensure the tweets are not irritating to the followers you already have so that you do not risk being muted or unfollowed altogether. Your best bet is to reply to interesting discussions. Remember to follow those who share the same interests with you. Include every range from those with a small number of followers to those with a large following.”,

Step 3

Participate in discussions and remember to be nice to others and to contribute meaningfully.

Step 4

Do not just curate content i.e retweeting or sharing links but also create your own content by letting people know your own thoughts as well.

Step 5

Pin a tweet which you feel can give people more info about the person behind the Twitter handle. Choose beautiful images for your profile and Twitter background. If you want to use your account for business purposes then the username must be short and professional.

Step 6

Learn how to write captions or how to write social media posts in general.

Step 7

Do not participate in the follow me and I will follow back kind of activity. Believe me, you do not want to attract people who do not share the same interests with you. Those people can later become a menace and cause you sleepless nights or worse still make you ditch your handle later and all your effort will be in vain.