Tips for buying an Intel Processor

Intel offers numerous CPUs, from Celeron to Xenon. Which one meets your requirements and how do you know you are getting the latest Technology when buying an Intel processor?

Some facts about Intel CPUs

Did you know that an Intel Core i3 processor is actually a dual-core processor? Many people are confused by the name ‘core i3’ and think that it has three cores. Rule number one when buying an Intel processor is that the name of the CPU has nothing to do with the number of cores. It is just a naming convention.


Intel has been producing CPUs with the same names for years now and therefore, how can one tell if the processor they are buying is the latest one? The answer is that you should inquire about the generation of the processor. Be aware that if you want to upgrade or replace your CPU then you need to buy a processor compatible with your existing hardware and not just any processor.


As alluded to earlier, the number in the name of an Intel processor does not represent the number of cores. When you do find the actual number of cores you should also be cognizant to the fact that processors with the same number of cores might actually perform differently depending on whether they use multithreading.

CPU Socket

When choosing a desktop processor you should also take note of the CPU socket type as this also changes periodically. Again, if you want to upgrade your computer you can only do so with compatible hardware which means that you can not expect a CPU using the latest socket to fit into an old socket. LGA 1151 is currently the latest desktop CPU socket for Intel CPUs.

Building your own desktop computer?

If you are going to build your own desktop computer and do not know where to start, my advice is that go for a motherboard with the latest CPU socket. Then buy a CPU compatible with the socket on the mobo. The rest of the components will follow the same protocol of first checking compatibility. I hope this guide has been helpful in allaying any fears you might have of using outdated technology on your computer.


New ICT Degrees available in Zimbabwe

Local universities in Zimbabwe offered either computer science, information systems or information technology degree programmes only in the past. Recently, we have seen a myriad of new degree programmes launch. What are some of those programmes and why avail them now?

Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) recently announced a new degree programme in e-commerce while the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) now offers degrees in computer networking as well as multimedia technology. Not to be outdone is the University of Zimbabwe which now has degrees in cybersecurity and other new programmes.

This trend of creating new courses in ICT has been necessitated by advancement in technology. Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning and a lot of other areas of information technology have developed exponentially in the past few years and are still growing. This means that there is now a huge demand, on the job market, for people with thorough knowledge of each field. Universities have stepped in to fill that gap by creating new programmes.

Availability of specialized programmes means that human capital managers have their work cut out when recruiting. If employers want a web developer or a graphic designer, they will simply ask for job applications from those with qualifications in multimedia technology instead of just anyone with a degree in IT. Likewise, when recruiters want an IT security professional they can advertise specifically a cybersecurity job.

How to gain Twitter followers quickly

If you have tried any other method and you failed then this can be your last resort. Follow the strategy below.

Step 1

Make sure your description is on point. Choose a niche for example instead of saying you love photography you can tell people exactly what type of photography you like for example macro photography or portrait. If you are a programmer you have to let people know which programming language you mainly use for example JavaScript. If you are a writer you might want your followers to know whether you write fiction or romance etc “,

Step 2

Follow as many people as you can and write as many tweets as you can daily, but ensure the tweets are not irritating to the followers you already have so that you do not risk being muted or unfollowed altogether. Your best bet is to reply to interesting discussions. Remember to follow those who share the same interests with you. Include every range from those with a small number of followers to those with a large following.”,

Step 3

Participate in discussions and remember to be nice to others and to contribute meaningfully.

Step 4

Do not just curate content i.e retweeting or sharing links but also create your own content by letting people know your own thoughts as well.

Step 5

Pin a tweet which you feel can give people more info about the person behind the Twitter handle. Choose beautiful images for your profile and Twitter background. If you want to use your account for business purposes then the username must be short and professional.

Step 6

Learn how to write captions or how to write social media posts in general.

Step 7

Do not participate in the follow me and I will follow back kind of activity. Believe me, you do not want to attract people who do not share the same interests with you. Those people can later become a menace and cause you sleepless nights or worse still make you ditch your handle later and all your effort will be in vain.

The Operating System of the Future

The ban on Huawei from using Google Mobile Services (GMS) has led Huawei to develop its own operating system. Harmony OS is the name of the software. Huawei envisions an operating system which works on a variety of devices like smartwatches, smart televisions and mobile phones. This development has caused a lot of excitement among technology enthusiasts. Is Harmony OS the operating system of the future?

The operating system of the future must be able to run on different types of devices. Harmony OS seems to be the real deal until you compare it with Fuchsia. Google’s own operating system, Fuchsia, is currently under development. Most of the groundwork has been done.

We expect Harmony OS to launch on many devices in early 2021. Google will most likely follow suit because there is a risk of losing users to a competitor.  This can only happen if Harmony OS proves to be better than Android. It shall be interesting to watch how the story unfolds. The contenders for the number one operating system will go head to head in a competition to take the largest market share. I personally put my money on Fuchsia, what do you think?

Is free web hosting really free?

Free web hosting is not a marketing gimmick, although some unscrupulous sites can use it as clickbait. Sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and try it. It is not always a hoax. There are some legit online businesses offering free web hosting. You just have to know where to look for them. However, is free hosting really free? Read on and I will also point you to the best site offering free hosting.

Activate Premium Features

Hosting your website for free might come at a price if you do not know how to activate premium features. If you do get premium features immediately you will hurt your brand or your online business will simply fail to take off. What are some of those features and how can you activate them?

Premium features include secure socket layer (SSL)- some know it as the lock which appears in browsers to tell visitors that the site is secure. It is actually a secure transmission protocol which ensures that your website’s users can safely type their passwords and other private information. If you do not turn on HTTPS or SSL on your site users who visit your site will get a warning that the site is insecure or dangerous. Who would like to open a dangerous link? No one.

Another premium feature is storage space. Most free hosting limit traffic and storage space. If the latter is limited then you can not upload large files. It is not only space which is limited, but the ability to download files. Some free hosting providers do not allow certain file formats usually compressed files.

There are many premium features like the ability to set custom domains, custom 404 pages and allowing OGP images but they are not critical. They are just needed to make your site look more professional. The most important features are SSL and storage.

I am assuming that you already have free hosting. Well if you don’t have it yet then Awardspace is your best option. I have tried it and it works like a charm. You can search online for other sites. For now, let me continue to talk about premium features.

Free SSL and Storage

The most important features you need are storage and SSL. The simplest way to activate them is by upgrading your free account to premium hosting but that is not what you are looking for, right? If you want totally free hosting you will not find it anywhere unless you have knowledge on how to add other features from third party sites. Google drive is my recommended solution when it comes to free storage. However, you need to learn how to make files you upload to the platform downloadable. If you know how to do that using a Google drive direct link generator then you can rest assured that you have 15GB of free cloud storage.

Now the other premium feature is SSL and you can find it free from Let’s Encrypt and Cloudflare or any other site of your choice. Once you activate the premium features it will be time to enjoy your totally free hosting. The only thing you may have to worry about is downtime and bottlenecked traffic. There is no workaround for that. If it becomes a hindrance to your business then it will be time to move on to paid hosting. You can find affordable hosting in Zimbabwe or online.

Why you should participate in coding competitions


code on screen

Coding can be a sport just like playing pool or darts. You can do it as a pastime or even earn a living from participating in competitions. What are the requirements for one to be able to compete?

You need to be conservant with at least one programming language.
The main language that is used in coding competitions is C++. Some languages like C# and Java are also popular.
For a complete list of supported languages, you need to check the platform which hosts the competitions.

There are many websites which host coding competitions. The most common are Code Jam, Top Coder and Code Forces. Each platform has its own rules which you need to agree to on registration.

The main advantage of participating in coding competitions is that you gain a lot of experience in software development. You tend to appreciate certain software engineering principles more when you perform in coding sports.

Your understanding of software testing will grow and you can gain an in-depth knowledge of the importance of requirements engineering.

Where to find Affordable Hosting in Zimbabwe

Finding the best domain registrar and hosting provider in Zimbabwe is easy. However, most of them have very expensive packages. To find affordable services requires extensive research. The prices are exorbitant to such an extent that most people consider it cheaper to host their websites with major online businesses like Godaddy, Bluehost or Dreamhost. I have decided to offer some recommendations to make life easy for those who are just getting started with website hosting and are looking for local solutions.


ZISPA is the authority on top-level domain (TLD)
and it has authorized some local companies to act as registrars of that TLD. Therefore, if you have a business targeting the Zimbabwean audience, you should consider buying a domain which helps in localizing your business for SEO gains. To do that you need to engage with a domain registrar in Zimbabwe and one of the best is

Top Domain Seller offers affordable services. Buying a domain name from them is a breeze. All you have to do is visit their website and sign up. After creating an account you can go on to pay for a domain name of your choice, if it is available, using PayNow. For those who are
not aware, PayNow provides users with numerous options to pay. You can pay using Ecocash, Telecash, One Money, Zimswitch and credit or debit cards like Visa or Mastercard. is not the only TLD you can find in Zimbabwe. There is also an option to buy for academic institutions and for non-governmental organisations. also sells those TLDs at low prices. When you get your domain name, the next step is finding hosting services. I have written an article on free web hosting but here I shall delve on paid hosting.

Affordable Hosting

Freshspot hosting has incredible prices and moreover, you can also pay using mobile payments in local currency. The best thing I like about Freshspot is that they allow you to manage your website using CPanel, unlike some hosting providers who ask you to bring your files for hosting. Physically taking files to a hosting company might not be a turn off those businesses which use WordPress as their content management system (CMS) since WordPress provides a way to manage your site online. However, when a business has a custom website there is a need to frequently upload content and therefore a way to remotely upload files, like CPanel, is required.

Fair Prices

How do the abovementioned companies fair with well established international businesses like Godaddy? The answer is that they give major hosting providers a run for their money. When I found that there were such services in Zimbabwe, I was elated. It is convenient to
pay in local currency. Let us support local companies so that they can provide us with more great services.

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