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  • startup | 4 days ago
  • Allos Launches Comprehensive AI-Powered Insurance Product Suite to Transform Zimbabwe's Insurance Industry

    Allos, a new insurtech startup in the country, introduced a comprehensive collection of AI-driv...

  • industry | 5 days ago
  • The Rise of No-Code and Its Implications for Developers

    Hello there! Let's take a look at the interesting realm of no-code development and its ramifica...

  • industry | 2 weeks ago
  • The African Roots of Binary Technology | 01000001 01100110 01110010 01101001 01100011 01100001 00100000 01010010 01101001 01110011 01100101 00001010 00100000

    It is well documented that the present binary system, which serves as the cornerstone of all di...

  • startup | 2 weeks ago

    NatSuite, an innovative provider of cloud-based ERP solutions, today announced the availability...

  • startup | 2 weeks ago
  • Delito Launches Affordable CRM for African Businesses

    Delito, a Zimbabwean company, launched its customer relationship management (CRM) solution toda...

  • startup | 2 weeks ago
  • Hertia launches property management platform to disrupt real estate industry

    Hertia, a local prop-tech startup, has launched its property management software.Currently, the...

  • industry | 2 weeks ago
  • Bancassurance is Born: CBZ and First Mutual Merge Operations to Expand Market Reach Through Strategic Partnership

    In great news for Zimbabwe's financial services industry, CBZ Holdings has entered into a merge...

  • techdive | 3 weeks ago
  • Nigeria Appoints Tech Innovator as Communications Minister

    Nigeria has taken a forward-thinking decision by naming Bosun Tijani as the new Minister of Com...

  • startup | 1 month ago
  • Zim Startup List: Celebrating Zimbabwe's Best Startups

    Kanva Media, a Zimbabwe-based market research and intelligence organization, has released Zim S...

  • industry | 1 month ago
  • MultiChoice sends shockwaves across Africa as it announces exit from Malawi TV market

    A shock wave hit the web earlier today as news started circulating that Multichoice is disconti...

  • techdive | 1 month ago
  • 7 times the "world's most powerful cyberweapon" has been spotted in Africa

    For lovers of Greek mythology Pegasus is simply an immortal, good-natured and helpful mythical ...

  • industry | 1 month ago
  • Performance Analysis - How and why I do it.

    So I promised my brother Njabulo an article every week but I just haven't been in the write spa...

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