Cultural Activist Launches Online Petition Against ZESA on


By Kudzai Tuso – Mandla Ncube, a Zimbabwean cultural activist, has launched an online petition against Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) Board and Management. This latest act of clicktivism beckons Minister of Energy Dzikamai Mavhaire to take action because the power authority has, “…failed the people of Zimbabwe by the constant and destructive power cuts without any communication on the status quo and details of their power cuts routine.”

Several other affected individuals jumped in to lodge their issues as signatories to the petition.

“Service culture is in dire need of change. Respecting the commitment to the Zimbabwean people that are paying these people’s salaries needs be of importance,” states one.

Below, an extract of the petition:

We call upon the Board, Directors and Management of ZESA to respect the people of Zimbabwe, honor and fulfill their mandate and supply electricity to the nation or resign and handover to capable individuals with the people of Zimbabwe at heart and committed to the delivery of the mandate of providing affordable, safe, and reliable electricity, and engineering and telecommunication services.

Where is the revenue from Prepaid ZESA purchase going if it is not facilitating forupgrading, repairing and investing in purchase of equipment required for an uninterrupted power supply? Who is responsible and till when are the power cuts to continue without informing us of cause and routine.

WE ARE TIRED OF LOAD SHEDDING. ZVAKWANA, SOKWANELE. is one of the world’s largest platforms where individuals and groups with an agenda they want to raise to pledge for support can dock them and make some noise. Ncube’s petition is just one of many, with more than four petitions on issues within Zimbabwe being launched this year.

Notably, widespread power cuts have been one of the biggest topics on social media over the last three days.

The full petition against ZESA can be found on

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