WhatsApp is About to Get Better: New Push-to-talk Feature is Here


WhatsApp, the messaging giant, has now poised to take a step further in its service by announcing that it will be releasing an upgraded new feature across supported devices. The new push-to-talk feature will allow users to send audio messages simultaneously in ‘conversation’ notation designed to make it much easier to talk (Instant Audio Messaging). A user simply presses and holds a button to record a message and as soon as they release, the message is sent.

This attractive new feature was announced by the company’s founding CEO Jan Koum who explained that this feature was meant to set it apart from other messaging services.

In recent times, many competitors, long standing and new have grown more aggressive in order to compete with WhatsApp, now the most used mobile chat client in the world. Some of these competitors include WeChat and Japanese born, Line App.

However, WhatsApp which now transmits a staggering 31 billion plus messages per day is well beyond the reach of its competitors and likely thing is, the new push to talk feature will increase the app’s use. The feature is pretty clever WhatsApp.

The next few months should be exciting. Question is, as widely used as WhatsApp is now, will this new feature take a toll on voice calls as it’s instant messaging service has hit Short Messaging Services (SMSes)?

The push-to-talk feature will come as an upgrade within the next 24 hours and is to be released across all supported devices at one time.

Komborerai is a photographer, writer and graphic designer, with more than six years experience in the industries. He is a firm believer in using ICT in "...creating lasting sustainable solutions for real life problems in society", and open source software. He loves fishing, playing chess and collecting socks.