The Herald Has Been Attacked. Third Targeted Site Hit Within 9 Hours.


The website for Zimbabwe’s largest Newspaper, The Herald, has been attacked by a group of hackers calling themselves Anonymous Africa who have been making contact with the world through Twitter. According to Anonymous Africa’s Twitter stream, the website was taken down shortly before 1826Hrs, at which time they tweeted “  is tango down!”

The reason for this attack is seemingly the publishing of content supporting President Mugabe, a chain which started with the attack of a South African Newspaper, IOL News, which published on its website after coming back online hours sometime after 1400Hrs:

Independent Newspapers today came under attack from an organisation that claimed it did it because of the media group’s alleged support of Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe.

The stoppage method used by the hackers, according to IOL News is DoS (Denial of Service), which basically involves surging traffic to a website until it’s disruptively slow or crashes entirely, thus suspending it. After this happens, the website is inaccessible.

Anonymous Africa’s Twitter stream shows the group’s activity, largely characterized by a pattern beginning with an announcement or two of its next target, a second just before hacking the website and another after the site is down.

ZANU-PF’s official party website which was the second target was hit sometime before 1534Hrs when Anonymous Africa announced taking the site down. At the time this article was written, both the Herald and ZANU PF official websites were still down (Screen Screen-grabs below).







IOL News has since been restored.

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