It’s Now Cheaper to Fly to Byo with Air Zimbabwe Than to Drive


In a ‘pricing trial’ announced by Air Zimbabwe, the airline has cut prices in airfares by up to a whooping 60% exclusion for some destinations. With this price release, there is a tasty little realization which makes the idea of flying to Bulawayo quite attractive. Yes, as the title says, it will probably cost you less to get a return ticket with Air Zimbabwe than to fuel your car and drive there.

An air-ticket from Harare to Bulawayo now costs $105 from $300, bringing the cost for a one way trip down to a mere $61. That same amount of money might match or could actually fall short in buying enough fuel to drive to the same destination.

However, this promotional is going to last only up to 31 July after-which the airline will review its pricing for both domestic and international flights.

Meanwhile, however, Air Zimbabwe has provided more than enough incentive to boost its sales, because many other routes are going to receive delicious discounts. Among these, a return trip from Harare to Victoria Falls has now been reduced to $180 from $421 and Harare to Johannesburg (which is pretty much as local as Bulawayo now) has been reduced from $420 to $275.

Despite these cuts, Air Zimbabwe is expected to still break even owing to its use of smaller aircraft for these destinations.