Apple Launches iOS 7, Completely Redesigned and With New and Improved Features

ios7 launches

Apple has announced the launch of a spanking new iOS 7, the OS upgrade which has been labeled ‘phenomenal’ by many. Why this is so is mainly owing to the complete redesign of the visuals to a more flat and fetching interface, the addition of brand new features and the excellent improvement of apps and controls.

One of the most celebrated features of the iOS 7 is the improved multi-tasking feature which now allows the device to learn from use preference for better resource allocation. The end result of that? The apps you use more will get run faster and better as compared to those you don’t use more frequently.

Similar to what Android and Windows Mobile have always been praised for, Apple’s new control center will be available from all screens in the iOS 7 experience. This control Center will give users quick access to controls such as power management, connectivity, media control and application launching.

Further, Siri, iOS’s intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator, now works better and is plugged into Wikipedia, Bing and Twitter. Users will be able to pick from either a male or female voice too in iOS 7! This new intelligence also applies to the new app store which Apple finally (yes, we are not kidding) allows to update your apps automatically.

Add to these, Apple announced a whole trunk of features. These include intergration of IOS into Mercedes, Honda, Nissan, Volvo and other cars, addition of Airdrop, Apple’s improved photo management app, integration with Weibo, a Chinese micro-blogging service and an improved iTunes.

However, Zimbabwe, before you get too excited…there is always something about these Apple releases. This time, the tragedy is that not every device is going to be upgradable to iOS7. If you are using an iPhone 3G and below for instance, completely forget about it. If you are on iPhone 4, well, you won’t get all the features. Just the spruced up feel and looks of iOS 7 without much of the functionality. Needless say, you have to upgrade to iPhone 5. Which means, dumping your old device or locking it up in the old toys cabinet.

Even though iOS 7 is going to be available to developers in a few days time, it will be available for users later this year.

Tichaona is a tech-writer, training Whitehat and digital artist. A sociology graduate, he is a firm believer in open source software. When he's not taking gadgets, Tichaona loves taking long walks and bird-watching.