Workshop: Luccas Soares on Low Budget Film-making at Book Cafe


Book Cafe, one of the biggest art and culture centers in Zimbabwe, will be hosting a film production workshop facilitated by international filmmaker Luccas Soares on the 16th of May. The Brazilian filmmaker is known for his deep world class short films, exceptional talent and impressive film-making techniques.

The workshop is themed on making low budget film productions. This will cover using guerrilla film-making techniques, script-writing, directing, post-production, distribution and a host of other topics.

Luccas Soares is the director of “INDEPENDENT ROADS” (Trilhos Independentes”), a series of short films which he made whilst travelling around the world as a one-man crew in 2011. He filmed in more than 27 countries and now he’s travelling around the world presenting his films.

The workshop will be preceded by a free screening of some of Luccas’ short films at the Book Cafe on Wednesday 15th of May. Registration for the workshop is open to all, and is in progress at the Book Cafe.


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