Technomag ‘Steals’ TechZim Limelight for Broadband Forum: Publicly Apologizes

technomag apologizes for herald's error

In what can qualify as one of the worst reporting news disasters, The Herald erroneously sang showers of praises to Tonderai Rutsito’s Technomag, instead of Solomon Kabweza’s TechZim for the successful launch of the first ever Broadband Forum. The error: TechnoMag had nothing to do with the event, which was a collaboration between leading technology blog TechZim and Telecel.

In what Technomag described as a ‘sub-editing error’, the looks of the situation are that the article was handed to the Herald by Technomag’s Tonderai Rutsito’s (also a writer for The Herald). Technomag quickly published an apologestic comment on the official news story and rushed to put together an apology for the disaster. Question is, if that was an honest error from the Herald, why was Technomag the one to apologize?

Part of the apology reads: “Unfortunately, at the end of the article there was an honest confusion between, TechnoMag, which wrote the article, and TechZim which organized the article. The error on the paragraph said, ’However, the important issue is that Telecel and Technomag should be commended for coming up with such a platform.’ The statement was meant to say Telecel and TechZim instead.”

Interestingly, the writer of the article is the founder and owner of Technomag.

Kabweza of TechZim did not take this lightly and responded to this issue by replying directly to Technomag’s comment saying, “In future, please just ask for a news release so you get all the facts correct. This is disappointing.” Indeed it is! For both parties.


To TechZim for losing much deserved praise for putting together the historic event and to Technomag, for getting a tongue-lashing from TechZim, despite the cover they awarded the event on their official website.

The Broadband Forum, the very first of its kind, was a deep exploration into connectivity issues in the local scene and hosted several industry experts including Solomon Kabweza of TechZim, ZOL CEO and Liquid Managing director David Behr, iConnect Zambia’s Winston Riston and Telecel Marketing Director Octivius Kahiya.

Read Technomag’s full apology here.

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