OrangeTree Answers: A New Question and Answer Platform for Zimbabwe

orangetree answers

Only a few days old, OrangeTree Answers has been launched and come onto the scene as the newest question and answer website designed especially for Zimbabwe. Simple-looking and very minimalistic, the platform allows users to ask questions and receive responses (answers) from the community. OrangeTree Answers runs on an open source platform.

As long as your question is in line with the rules, OrangeTree Answers says you can ask anything and everything, including arts and culture, entertainment, pregnancy and parenting, technology, computers and gadgets, local businesses, shopping and even lover and relationship questions – just to mention a few.

The platform has a few unique key features; including what they are most proud of, a collaborative expert program through which identified industry experts provide solid and correct answers in order to increase the value of the knowledge distributed on the website. Despite this, it largely remains a platform for the broader Zimbabwean community.

As well, different from most platforms, OrangeTree Answers has tight screws on posting controls in what they called ‘an effort to make sure that our platform is not only efficient, but clean’.  This they have already achieved by making sure that every single question and answer is vetted by administrators who approve upon confirmation that the material is in line with the terms of use and rules and regulations for posting.

“We want to contribute, in our own way, to the online knowledge base in Zimbabwe. This is just one of the many ways in which the country can put more content online.”

OrangeTree is currently working out the possibility of providing the platform in both Shona and Ndebele.


Tichaona is a tech-writer, training Whitehat and digital artist. A sociology graduate, he is a firm believer in open source software. When he's not taking gadgets, Tichaona loves taking long walks and bird-watching.