Google+ Completely Redesigned. Gets New Multi-column Card Design, Automatic Hashtags and Photo Enhancement and more.

Google+ Gets New Look

Google+ now has a brand new look, with a grand total of 41 new and improved features. Now already available, this revamp was announced by Google yesterday at I/O 2013.

The new look, includes a brand new multi-column card design which now allows the presentation of three times the number of content items than its old traditional stream, similar to that used by Facebook. By providing this improved look, Google+ allow users to comfortably scan the latest updates quicker, so as to arrive to something of interest faster. The responsive layout has proved to be everything spectacular on all types of displays, including sharp and clear displays on tablets. In case anyone likes the previous layout better, Google+ still allows the easy selection of that layout style.

Automatic (and optional) hashtags are Google+’s way of organizing content in a better fashion. Once an update is posted, Google+ scans the content and generates hashtags of related content, which it pins to the post. When you click the hashtag, Google+ will allow you to browse related web content inline, which, in a manner of speaking, will bring the information right to you.

One other impressive new feature is what Google calls AutoAwesome, which is a very advanced photo app. It does many amazing things, including photo enhancement, collages and animations. Automatic adjustment of photos is quite a neat feature; when you allow photos, Google+ can now adjust characteristic such as brightness, contrast and saturation to give an optimal look. When photos are also uploaded in sequence, Google+ now match them, create collages and even animated GIFs.


Google Hangouts is fully integrated into the improved Google+ now, and is focused on making chats, photo and file sharing much easier among circles. By far, the best feature is the improved video-chat which now allows user to chat with up to 9 other users absolutely free of charge. In addition to a new unified chatting service which combines Gtalk, Messenger and Video Hangouts, Google is also going to release Hangout apps for Chrome, Android and iOS.

All these exciting new features have now made Google+ a whole lot better.

Komborerai is a photographer, writer and graphic designer, with more than six years experience in the industries. He is a firm believer in using ICT in "...creating lasting sustainable solutions for real life problems in society", and open source software. He loves fishing, playing chess and collecting socks.