EcoCash Brings Real Convenience. You Can Now Pay Your DSTV Subscriptions from Your Wallet.

Pay for your DSTV with EcoCash

Econet Wireless will stop at nothing. The network giant announced that starting on the 8th of May that EcoCash is now connected to DTSV subscription services which will allow users to make payments for their accounts without having to access any other financial services – a domain which was up to now dominated by banks.

With a relatively impressive uptake of all EcoCash-related services so far (save for the rather cheesy EcoCash commuter), the EcoCash to DSTV connection is the latest addition to the deck of service convenience the large mobile network has lined up. This time, they have come through with a sterling service which we anticipate will claim a considerable stake in the preferred payment methods.

According to Econet Wireless, this can be achieved in a few steps outlined below:

1. Dial *151*200#;
2. Select option 8 for Pay Bill;
3. Enter Biller Code (22108);
4. Enter amount;
5. Enter your DSTV account number OR smartcard number;
6. Enter number of months being paid (1 and 12 only)
7. A message with payment details appears and requests for confirmation.

Press 1 (confirm) or 2 (decline) accordingly.

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