Cloud Computing and Information Security Conference Coming to Harare This July: CCISC 2013

Cloud Computing and Information Security Conference CCISC 2013

This July, the Cloud Computing and Information Security Conference (CCISC 2013) comes to Harare. The event, which will bring together over 25 industry experts, will be held from 24-26 July at the Meikles Hotel. CCISC 2013 will see the convergence of virtualization and ICT experts, speakers, delegates and exhibitors from enterprises, telcos and technology organizations from across Africa, all under one roof.

The agenda of the conference includes but it not limited to topics on business transformation through the cloud, Africa’s uptake of cloud challenge, information security and implications for business continuity planning, and integration of information security with world class physical security.

Key industry experts will be speaking on these topics. Among others, Michael Mbuthia, Chief Information Security Officer at the Cooperative Bank of Kenya, Kim Anderson, an expert in Cloud Enablement at CXO Advisor in South Africa, Beza Belayneh, a high level IT and Information Security Consultant for governments and organizations, as well as Craig Rosewarne, Managing Director for Wolfpack Risk.

The CCISC 2013 will provide attendees with a unique aerial view of the Cloud and ICT Security industry, offering the chance to learn from and network with the attending industry key players. In its uniqueness, it will provide a platform for the delivery and sharing of key technological and innovative developments to participants.

To increase the gamut of the conference, the organizers are calling more local and international industry champions to join their expert panel speaking at the conference. Meanwhile, conversations on the various topics and event updates will be commenced on the official event twitter page. Official contacts for participation and information inquiries can be access from the event contact center.


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