Adobe Abandons Creative Suite. Puts Online Subscriptions in Second Gear.

adobe creative cloud

Adobe has announced that it will stop selling its software on a once-off payment license and instead, move to subscription systems. Named CC for creative cloud, Adobe products only work using accounts which linked to a creative cloud account, which will be verified monthly to confirm subscription. From June, Adobe products will be knows as Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, After Effects CC, Premiere CC, and so on.

Following initial announcement, there was an initial misconception that Adobe software would be used directly from the cloud. However, the only change is the verification of subscriptions which will be done via internet connection otherwise, the software will be downloaded on to the local machine and installed, just as in previous versions.

There seem to be mixed feelings about this change, but perhaps mostly, the fury came when some technology blogs and magazines gave the impression that the tools would be accessed directly offline. At the same time, some occasional users are still upset by the fact that even if you use Photoshop or Illustrator once a week to draw up simple graphics, you are still going to have to pay the whole amount for it. On the contrary, supporters of the change are celebrating that they will get updates on the go and will not have to foot the expense of buying a brand new version when Adobe makes the latest release.

These changes in the Abode software distribution system were necessitated by the need to increase revenue and especially, an urgent need to curb piracy. It is thought that this new system is going to stop piracy of the software, even though there are speculations that still, pirates might be able to crack the new versions to work with the absence of account verification.

Adobe has however announced that Lightroom will not be affected y this change and Lightroom5, the next version, will be sold as boxed software.